Le Ballon Rouge

Finn and I watched The Red Balloon together yesterday. It was pure magic. (warning! *spoilers*)The joy we both felt when the balloon first shows autonomy was tantalizing. And when all the balloons come for him from all over Paris we got so excited! We took some pictures of the end sequence with my phone. It was my favorite: 20120315-140906.jpg20120315-140918.jpg

20120316-132653.jpgI loved seeing all the shots of that beautiful city and adore that bright 50’s technicolor film!

And I had no idea I had a picture of Finn that looks just like the movie! I guess I have something in common with a 50’s Parisian cinematographer :)20120315-141503.jpg

2 thoughts on “Le Ballon Rouge

  1. i just watched this with my kids too…i was surprised at how much they enjoyed it for a movie with very little words. it was beautifully done!
    love the pic of finn!
    hope you are well!

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