Busy bee.

Here’s what’s been happening in the hive:
1. Fashioning magic for my sister’s mer bridal shower with the lovely mer(brides)maid Gwen. (How much aqua tulle is too much aqua tulle? Trick question. There is never enough aqua tulle).
2. Planning an Italian getaway where Harry and Fiona will get to meet! (In the Tuscan Garfagnana valley which literally means “enchanted forests” eeee!).
3. Getting to spend a Sunday just me and Beau and baby in the city. (Where I had an exorbitant amount of fun at Andrew and Katie Park’s lake wedding. Nothing like ending a weekend with slow motion chicken dance with Beau (a la schmidt and Zooey) wearing pink tights and sparkly shoes!)
4. Getting my heart strings tugged by a very sweet little one month old. Every little bit of him is a plush, warm, kissable delight.

…And now the house is a mess and Harry has caught a cold so it looks like all the busy bee fun is about to turn into busy bee work!

“it’s exhausting being fabulous!” -Posh

2 thoughts on “Busy bee.

  1. you know i love the posh quote. and you and gwen look f-a-b. i just love everything you’ve been up to!! :)

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