Today we were a bear and a fox.

We braved the cold outside our den to find bright buds adorning trees and crocuses peeking up out of the snow.20120306-214402.jpg
What a strange day for weather it was. We woke to a dark sleety snowfall, then had sunshine by breakfast. I have to admit that I suffer from a dollop of seasonal depression…magnified by baby blues. I’ve had a few low days from all the gloomy weather we’ve had lately. Even Finn said during lunch yesterday, “Why is it so dark outside?”

So the sun prismatically reflecting off that snow and into my face this morning was a delectation of enormous proportions. I made the whole family go for a long cold walk in it.

By the way, I got the hat online at target for $6. It’s an instant favorite. I haven’t gone outside without it since it came in the mail!


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