OLIVER can finally play outside!!

He started walking again about a week ago. He got a new prosthetic (brace molded perfectly to his foot) that he wears only at night for the next couple of years.  This is to maintain the correction that has already been made. They said that it will take about 5 months before his limp and weird drag-step-drag goes away because he needs to regain the strength in his muscles.  (It’s pretty adorable so I don’t really mind.)

Here ends the saga that is Oliver’s club foot.  It is now PERFECT.

He’s wearing a helmet in the picture because he 1. was just riding his bike and 2. loves wearing it all the time….which is probably a smart thing when you have an older brother :)

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  1. Love that picture of Harry. He is so handsome! :) And yay for Oliver- what fun he has to look forward to!!

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