All was well

A few “bits and pieces” for you:  peach pizza, a firefly painting, a sunday snooze, and a baby who looks like a cross between Ronald Weasley and Brad Pitt.

Harry is three weeks old and two days.

He has perked up quite a bit this week. Goodbye sleep!  Beau and I have been watching the show Up All Night. There’s a line from the pilot that I’ve been using every morning now.

“Are we dead?”

We visited a church today and the pastor referenced Harry Potter. (How apropos for my zeitgeist!) He talked about how his daughter could read the books without being afraid because she knew the very last line was “all was well.”

So of course I began thinking of it as pertaining to this insane newborn stage and how I can look forward to the time when, yes, there will be a state of equilibrium back in this family of five. It’s been so crazy trying to figure out how to mother everyone all at the same time. Especially when I’m so sleep deprived.  Right now we’re dancing to the off beat rhythm of unknown and I’m trying to enjoy (be amused by?) the complexity and excitement of it all.

**Hey. As I’m writing this Ben Harper’s “In the Colors” popped into my head. Beau used to put that song on and have me dance with him. Its lyrics are pretty sweet for the subject:

When your world is shaken
from all the risks we have taken,
dance with me, dance with me
into the colors of the dusk

And if this crazy world spins itself
down to dust
I want to be with you
I’m gonna be with you
in the colors

And all will be right, will be right
dancing like water with the light
Dance with me, won’t you dance with me
into the colors of the dusk?

(Here’s the song set to some art on you tube with the lyrics in the description: link)

When I’m up with Harry tonight I’ll imagine us dancing into the colors of the dusk.  And all will be well.

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