“the whole world is a garden”

Today I am Mary Lennox
as she watches Colin Craven learn to walk.20120224-084659.jpg
Oliver finally took more than three steps yesterday and walked all the way from the family room to the living room.

The last few days I’ve felt very daunted with the idea of having two “babies”. I can’t tell you how much blossoming my heart is doing imagining that Oliver may soon be able to run around with Finn. The two of them are aching to play together, you can see the frustration on both their faces when Oliver is too weak to wrestle and chase. I am dreaming of a spring with them hiding and seeking in the garden! I know it won’t be long now.

Meanwhile…isn’t Dickon the sweetest? Pet crow and fox and teacher of bulb planting? I have always wanted to name a boy after him but Beau said no :)

One thought on ““the whole world is a garden”

  1. I LOVE THIS POST. When my head saw Mary Lennox, I thought “Annie Lennox…no..could she… yes!!!”

    My favorite movie of my girlhood. So magical.

    And I swear if I meet a boy named Dickon, I’ll marry him on the spot.

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