He has a darling ruggedness

that I just want to breathe in
and kiss and nuzzle all day long.

Harry is two weeks old.

So far he has grown an inch, slept about 23 hours a day, eaten almost every two hours, and grown lots of medium auburn hair.

*Yesterday I told him that he was named for a boy who is friend to the outcast, selfless, and brave.

The boy wizard, of course!  I haven’t talked much about Harry’s name on here but it kind of goes without saying.  I adore Harry Potter to my very core.  Beau and I have loved the books and movies since we first discovered them in the first year we were married (9 years ago!), and in that time they have taught me so much about being true.  I wouldn’t name a first born Harry.  It’s more of a full stop than a capital letter, I think.  As your one and only, no, but as a trio, yes.  To me his name is a warm fuzzy familiar sweater with an H on it.  And in keeping with literary boy hero names?  It just had to be Harry.

*This was after Finn was driving me insane with his shenanigans and Beau said, “Well you’re the one who named him after Huckleberry Finn!”  Tooo truuue.  And Oliver could not fit a Dicken’s character better with his brooding charm and his hobble.  Harry should take note.

2 thoughts on “He has a darling ruggedness

  1. That last paragraph made me laugh out loud. A sweet Harry Potter child is the best anyone could ask for. Names have power. Matt likes to remind me the same thing as Beau did when Avonlea has a “very bad temper,” or falls into a dramatic fit: “You named her after Anne Shirley!”

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