I eat like a bear

Bears are seasonal creatures and the more I learn about them, the more I like them.  They hang around in wild flower meadows, play with their bear cubs, and I realized the other day that the way I want to eat healthy is almost exactly like them!

In the spring they forage for berries and foliage.  (fruit and salad!)
In the summer
they also begin to catch fish if it’s available in their region.  (I love seafood!)
In the fall
they steal nuts from woodland creatures and dig up root vegetables. (peanut butter toast, veggies..yes please!!)
In the winter
they hibernate.  (I’ll take a nice long nap any day!)

I was thinking all this through and realized that my sugar consumption is probably much too high to really qualify as a bear.  And then it dawned on me.  BEARS LOVE HONEY!! But it is, of course, a special treat if they can find a hive to climb up to and steal. (I like natural sweeteners!)

painting by Juliana Swaney

And bears will pretty much eat anything if it’s readily available or if they run out of their own food so if I’m at a friend’s, or happen to make cookies, or am given a delicious treat, or brought a meal, or glance at the dessert menu…etc etc etc!…I  pretty much eat whatever I want.  (Within reason of course ;)

So there you have it.
I eat like a bear! 


bear in the meadow photo: eldertrecks.com

4 thoughts on “I eat like a bear

  1. Oh, how i love your blog! And for some reason…this post made me choke up? I dunno why, but I love the idea of relating to bears. And enjoying honey. Yummm…I look forward to your blog posts (most often during the middle of the night while i nurse) and find myself so inspired by you once again. I tend to become a hermit after a baby and you’ve inspired me to embrace the sunshine and the newness of a baby and run with it. How is it having all three? Do you have help? Do you ever have panic moments? Would love to hear more :)

  2. Mel! What compliments!! If you like the idea of relating to a bear you’ll love this: Harry’s middle name means Bear! (Arthur) I didn’t know that until a couple weeks ago though. It cracks me up because Harry Bear sounds so ridiculous! But Harry means home ruler so I like to think his full name means Ruling Bear ;) AND for a whole there I was liking the name Orson which means “a boy who was raised by bears” so there’s a lot of bear musings going on around here!

    Being a mom to 3 is INSANE. The adjustment to two was a piece of cake to me. Finn was already potty trained and able to sort of fend for himself if I needed him to and Oliver was the easiest baby alive. My recovery seemed to take forever but it was the spring and the sun and being able to be outside was amazing.

    This time around it’s mostly raining, Oliver is crippled, and Finn is suddenly crazy hyperactive. The first time Beau left me alone with them Finn peed his pants on the couch, Oliver peed on the bathroom floor, and Harry peed and pooped all over himself all in the span of 20 minutes. When Beau came back I was a puddle of tears. Slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it, but I know I have a hard couple years ahead of me!

    Beau took a week off and he works from home so I have it pretty good. He’s beginning to let me run with the chaos and figure it all out for myself bu if there’s anything really dire he’ll help! Luckily it looks like I lucked out with another easy baby and now that my body is recovered I’m feeling like I got this about 3/4ths of the time. The other 1/3 I’m pulling out my hair or crying!

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