Today we took a sunny walk to The Root Beer Store!  Our first outing with all five.  Just the thing to do with three boys!  I plan to have lots of varied bottle caps saved up for something fun by the end of these sweet years!  I want to try every one.

2 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. Right next to the balloon store, naturally! For real. Isn’t that just too perfect? Ok but seriously it’s on 99 across the street from star market…where Yeh Yeh’s is? We hit Baskin Robbins on the way back but they’re going to serve specialty root beer floats there soon, too. Excitement! I got a Birch beer from Sioux Falls because we road tripped there, Lu!

    I actually pooped out on the way back. I had Beau come back and pick Harry and me up at Cafe Ladro after they walked home without me. A mile was even pushing it…but I wanted to get out so badly! It was awesome, I got some freckles in February :)

    Do you like how I just responded like an email? It’s 2am… Ha!

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