My valentines.

This morning Finn and I made valentines for his class.
The stag on these hearts has special meaning for me today….

For a brief moment last week I thought I might name my baby Hart.  I was looking up names that mean “Stag” or “deer” because of a dream I had about him.  When I saw Hart I thought, “hey!  I cold still call him Harry!  And his name would actually mean stag!”  Finn said he really liked it, too.  But Beau did not.

And then when Harry was born somebody…my dad I think?…said at the hospital.  “Hey.  H. ART.  His name is Heart!”  (My Grandpa Arthur went by Art).

Yep.  Harry really is a little fawn!

So this valentines I’m especially filled with love for my deer mr. Harry.  He, along with all these boys, definitely have my heart.

2 thoughts on “My valentines.

  1. Oh man, that’s nothin’. My mom hosted thanksgiving dinner at her house two days after Jamie was born! I’m just cutting stuff out!

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