Cast off!!

After two surgeries, wires placed in his arch, 20 casts, and almost 5 months immobilized….Oliver finally got his cast off. My prayer was that I’d be able to wisk him into my arms and hold him when he got back from the surgeon. (I’m still so weak and cramping, I can’t lift much of anything heavier than a newborn right now.)

But for Oliver, I could.

He finally got to enjoy one of his favorite things today:

I’m working on a little collage for him to commemorate this special day. I woke up with a vision of a sailing ship this morning. Cast off!

Spirits rise as the sails fill…
Gone is the sea’s glassy surface, and with it the terrible glare.
Close the hatches and ports!
We’re sailing again!
Jim Moore.

I can’t wait for him to relearn how to walk, and then be able to go outside and play! Let’s GOOOO!

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