Hullo Harry!

Harry Arthur Collins.
Born last night at 5:52, 7lbs 8oz

Middle named for My father, has auburn hair and blue eyes, and his patronus is a stag.

He was even born with tiny freckly spots on his cheeks, nose, and forehead.  Just like a little fawn!

One of the most magical things about this experience is that tiny red haired Fiona Rose Roundhill was born the same day.  We dreamed of them in the bluebell woods and green faerie glens of Scotland…and now here they are!  Little travel twins. I can’t wait for them to meet!

20 thoughts on “Hullo Harry!

  1. He’s amazing! Read this post with Fiona on my lap :) Her hair looks more brown-ish today after she finally got a bath!

    Congrats you guys :)

  2. Congratulations! The beautiful picture of Harry and both of you, Fiona Rose and the baby fawn- made me cry!!

  3. Congrats! Gosh you guys are a stunning family (magazine like seriously :)). He looks amazing and you all look so happy. Wishing you a wonderful, exciting and joyous time as a new family of 5!

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