10 Happy things.

Finn came home from preschool and said, “they like me!!”20120209-213631.jpg

He asked a little girl named Ella to play with him and she became his friend. And when “the brown haired boy” punched him he told his teacher and she helped him. He was a good boy today and was sooo proud of it. I’m so happppy!!!

1. Is that James and the Giant peach painting not the most beautiful you’ve ever seen? It’s from the original. I love the simplicity in color and detail in line. LOVE!

2. This dress. Must make. (modcloth of course!)20120209-213641.jpg

3. Would it be strange to take this old sheet and make it into kitchen curtains? The orange and pink and 70’s floral are like joy incarnate!20120209-213703.jpg

4. I think my other framed botanical prints need some fungus among us. Happier mushrooms I have not seen!20120209-213712.jpg

5. Finn, Oliver, and…..20120209-213726.jpg

6. soon the belly will be no more! Trying on suits with my sis. Pink stripes? Yes please!!20120209-213857.jpg

7. I still miss them. It’s silly, I know.20120209-215603.jpg
8. Oliver’s first ice cream cone. He called it a “Mommy.” Melt my heart like vanilla!

9. Faux “Bambi fur”. I have an obsession to find this fabric!


10. Happy faces after Finn apologized to his teacher and we prayed he’d have a good day.20120210-041124.jpg

3 thoughts on “10 Happy things.

  1. I want that James and the Giant Peach print hanging in my house! Or as a tattoo! Good grief I couldn’t stop staring at it.

    And it isn’t silly that you miss the birds! I’m prepared to not leave my house for a year after I lose Oz. Honestly.

  2. Yay on Finn having a good day! That is always good news. You have such a cute belly!!!!! I love the rabbit, wolf and deer/fawn mugs so cute. I’m excited to learn what you guys will name your new little boy :).

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