Yesterday was my due date. AND it was a full moon!

But no new baby.  But the day was still perfect! Sunny sunny blue skies.

In the morning we went out for coffee and a walk to the beach during preschool.  My new favorite is sprinkling raw sugar on my cappuccino foam.  It’s like coffee creme brulee.

Then we went to the toy store so I could buy myself a mood ring.  I’ve always wanted one!  I want to know what color labor is :)

I spent the afternoon taking extra care to play with Finn and talk with him about what’s been bothering him to make him act out at school. (As if a brother who receives constant attention for his foot and a baby on the way aren’t enough!) But he did say that kids at school tell him to shut up and take toys away from him. He said he has no friends. I told him I was his friend and he cried in my arms.

20120207-213639.jpgour drawings.  Oliver, Mama, Finn.

Oliver has learned to ride his trike with one foot and the two boys rode their red bikes together for the first time. It was so precious, I could have died.  While they rode bikes I got a little yard work done. Nothing that required bending over, though!  It felt therapeutic to rake dead leaves away from the new shoots coming up.  Those day lilies are getting ready to sprout!

For dinner I made yummy brown sugar and lemon zest salmon. (every one of us ADORE fish!)

And then we watched Willy Wonka with popcorn. (side note: Does anyone else think Bradley Cooper looks like Willy Wonka?  Bwhaaa!)

I figured I’d pull out the big guns for my disobedient little boy.  Believe me, he won’t be needing any oompa loompa songs any time soon!  Finn could tell immediately which children were the bad children and that Charlie was good. That made me proud. He says he will obey and say sorry to his teacher on Thursday.

…..And that he will not eat the wrong kind of gum.

He is only five after all!

10 thoughts on “Yesterday was my due date. AND it was a full moon!

  1. oh my word…I totally want to have that coffee!
    I actually tried creme brulee this week for the first time (it’s one of my top favorite desserts), but I had to use honey and it was a total flop. It didn’t set up right, but at least it still tasted good…I ate it all myself! lol!
    I’ll be praying for Finn…that is so hard. The way our Keaton acts, makes it hard for him to keep friends and it is hard for me as a mama to see that.
    We have found that journaling helps our kiddos when they are having a hard day. I transcribe their words and then they draw a picture on the page. Has helped so much! =) They feel “heard” and it calms them down!
    Can’t wait to see pics of that new baby soon!

  2. That’s a great idea, Tarena! I definitely see changes in Finn’s heart when he gets some one on one time with me and feels heard. He still has a hard time with speech and understanding things I say so I don’t realize how isolated he must feel throughout the day. Especially at school. Just now he started crying and yelling because I told him preschool was tomorrow. I thought he was upset because he had to go to preschool, but come to find out he just thought that tomorrow meant much later and wanted to be able to say sorry to his teacher in the morning! He said “I don’t want to miss any days!” We were both so frustrated and confused! And then laughing when we realized what each other meant.

    I just scrolled through your blog and read through all your Keaton posts! When I read what you’ve written I see an amazing woman who is humbly trying her hardest to do what is best for her children and for herself. And I see a boy who is indeed uniquely precious, in ways that will manifest themselves more and more as he grows. I think God paired you perfectly!

  3. oh, that was so sweet! thank you! it made my day! I just read it to Tim and it made him want to cry because he is always telling me stuff like that to encourage me on the hard days (but I always say he is biased!lol!).
    I hope getting Finn a journal is a blessing for you both!

  4. And I love YOU, Deena!

    Lucy has told me that smiley faces are an indicator of a happy child. And that must mean he has a happy home!

  5. My son, Beau, has been acting out in school lately too, and I have so been wanting to sit down with him and find out what is going on with him. We are going to take him on a date with mom and dad this Friday for some special time, and I hope that even if I don’t get any answers, that at least he’ll feel loved and special. :) I so understand the plight of taking care of the older children when new little ones arrive. It is hard work, parenting. Many blessings to you on your upcoming labor. May it go smoothly and beautifully.

  6. Thank you, Sarah! I love that you’re taking him out on a special date. No matter what priveleges are taken away, extra mom and dad love is such a good idea. There’s no limit, and never should be on that!

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