Bye bye birdies.

So now I know: I’m allergic to birds.


Sad sad day!! Yesterday when they got really comfortable and started fluttering around I began to feel that tell tale tickle in my nose. Then my eyes started feeling heavy, my sinuses and glands started to swell, and my head began to throb. I was in denial for a while thinking it might be the grass they had for their nest or just a cold, but when all that was removed, a night and benadryl later, and I started having difficulty breathing…I knew. The birds would have to go.

Finn was really sad and tried everything he could to make us keep them. But he was already sad that he couldn’t hold them so it wasn’t too bad of a let down. I’m still pretty depressed though!20120204-135557.jpg

We spent this sunny morning singing to them and drawing them, and watching their funny little habits…we found that Huckleberry is a right slob and Mononoke really is a princess! Huck would constantly ruffle up his feathers and flutter inside the food, while Mononoke would sleekly swoop down, pick up one tiny seed, and go back up to a suitable perch to delicately chew it. They were SO easy to tell apart!20120204-135919.jpg

I couldn’t believe how quickly they took to us. (well, me). Finches aren’t supposed to care about interaction with humans, but they would listen as I sang to them and then chirp sweetly back. If I walked away from their cage they would crowd up to the perch closest to me and watch me and sing for me to come back. Especially Mononoke. Sigh. I wonder how they’re doing in their cage full of orange waxbills. When we got them Huckleberry was hopping up and down with a piece of grass pointed straight up in the air, as if to say, “pick me, pick me!!” I keep saying (just like a little kid) “they like me!” and Beau says, “Of course they do.” Well, they did. And I really liked them too.

3 thoughts on “Bye bye birdies.

  1. so sorry!!!!!!!
    could it be pregnancy related?? (I’m secretly hoping it is so you can get them back one day.)
    We have some friends here who set up (built) a huge “cage” in their yard for doves (I think…I could be a different bird) and it is just beautiful to see all these birds out side in their little habitat…maybe you’ll get some “outdoor caged birds” one day! =)

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