Oh my gosh. You guys, you guys, you guys, you guys!

Today I fell in love with the cutest little bird I’ve ever seen.  I am GUSHING with an overwhelming sense of happiness brought on by the cutesies!  But I’m getting ahead of myself…I started this day out feeling exhausted and emotional. Oliver woke up really early and I kept thinking, “I need light therapy.  I need to get out the sun lamp.”

Then I got Finn’s preschool “report card” and those things always make me cry.  To the point of laughing because it’s just so dumb how incredibly and acutely we mothers care about the tiniest details of our children’s development.

He doesn’t know the oval, or the color grey?  How have I failed him as a mother?!?!  Also he is still developing in his listening and obeying skills :/ (I could have told them that!) But Beau sweetly laughed at my tears and reminded me of the obvious: He’s fine.

His preschool teacher said to me as I dropped him off, “I was thinking of you the other night.  I woke up and was led to pray for you.”

Finn must be really difficult!   No, just kidding.  It probably has more to do with the fact that I have a one year old with a clubfoot and am going to pop out a newborn any day.  Anyway.  I said to myself as I cried at a stoplight, “I need an adventure! Oliver and I are going OUT today!”

And the best I could come up with was the pet store. Ha!

But it was JUST what we needed.

First of all…
may I introduce to you

They have rosy cheeks.  THEY HAVE ROSY CHEEKS!  They look like little anime birds or something.  The prettiest shade of blue and soft grey with little round dolly red cheeks!  I could die.  I COULD DIE!  It also didn’t help that they are selling bird cages in fun pagoda patterns in AQUA.  STOP IT.  They also had the prettiest bright orange chubby canary.  Wouldn’t that be adorable in that aqua cage?  Have I ever mentioned how I’m not allowed to get a bird because Beau believes it’s wrong to cage winged creatures? Sigh.

Then, the fish.  Little sharks, stripey ones, big fat bulbous gold fish…AAAAAND… the gouramis.  FLAME DWARF GOURAMIS!  In bright orange and aqua!  Again…one of my favorite color combinations!

I also really love looking at the tank accessories.  I have a soft spot for sea castles.

Then…Hamsters sleeping in a melt your heart little huddle.  If I had a hamster or a mouse I would name him Gus Gus.  But they still weren’t as cute as the tiny sleeping bunnies we saw at the farm.  A picture of a cute bunny is necessary at this point:

Then the pet feeding guy asked us if we would like him to take the chameleon out to show us.  YEP.  He was the adorable kind like Pascal in Tangled, not the creepy kind like Rango.  So SO darling!

AAAAND…last but not least, a WOLF!  Okay…the owner said that he was half German shepherd and half husky.  But I have looked at that combination online and it looks nothing like what I saw.  What I saw looked like canis lupus, the grey wolf. This thing came up to my elbow.  You could ride it.  It was so friendly, a little mangled but soft, and had pretty blue eyes.  I said, “that looks like a WOLF!” and the owner smiled really big.And then as we followed that beautiful beast into the parking lot…the sun came out.  Happy HAPPY day!

Can I just say that every exciting animal we saw was amplified by the squirmy delighted little boy I had with me?  He loves animals and wanted to point out and know the names of every one.  I could have only looked at him the whole time and been just as happy.  He is so precious to me.

And NOW I’m thinking…do I want to own one of those birds?  OR do I want to BE one of those birds?

Or how about rosy cheeks and riding a wolf?

It’s all just too much, isn’t it?

Now prepare yourself to be so delighted and laugh until you cry and start coughing.  Especially if you love Kristen Bell (a la Veronica Mars) as much as I do.  Watch this:

8 thoughts on “Oh my gosh. You guys, you guys, you guys, you guys!

  1. Loved this post!! You are so adorable! I think you should find a way to become that beautiful bird-you would look georgeous in blue with pink cheeks.
    Ahh…the joys of the last days of pregnancy. They are torture. =)
    Praying for you dear friend…and I think each of my children are “behind” in some subject or another, but they also have their awesome strengths!
    you are a good mama!
    can’t WAIT to see the newest babe!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Tarena! Oh goodness…how did you keep having kids after three? Ha ha!

    I’m so glad you love that video and had the same reaction as me! I’ve watched it so many times and it never gets old!

  3. Awww. First of all how smart are you to take an outing to a pet store, such a great idea it’s cheaper than the Zoo or Aquarium and probably more fun for young kiddos, E and I will have to borrow that when I’m itching to get out of the house. Secondly, I saw Kristin Bell on Ellen & just loved it so thanks for reposting it. Last (and I promise I’m done), wishing you and all your boys a Great rest of the week!

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