Birth days.

“Our birthdays are feathers
in the broad wing of time,” ~Jean Paul.

(At Sharon’s Golden 20’s birthday soiree/ Play Production girls reunion.  Sparkles and ruffles and ginger peach rosemary mocktails..yum!!  Happy Birthday my sweet Sharon!  28 has seriously never looked so adorable.)

January and February are full of birthdays for us.
  Three in one week in just our immediate family! The baby’s due date is two days after Beau’s, and five after Finn’s, So I basically decided to plan NOTHING for Finn’s actual birthday this year, other than whatever we could scrounge up impromptu.

I told him we would have to do some big pool party in the summer for him and Oliver.  He said that was fine as long as there was a pinata. And Case and Martin.

Anyway.  Last night proved to be the perfect time to have both sets of grandparents join us in a tiny surprise celebration for Finn.  It’s early, but Beau’s parents had the boys for the weekend and were bringing them home, Beau and I had the afternoon to ourselves to buy all the necessary birthday goodies…and my mom had plenty of pulled pork sandwiches to feed us all!How you get a good candles blown out picture?
Trick candles!

And then…after all the cake was eaten, all the presents were played with, all the cardboard was made into a fort, and all our energy spent…..THIS HAPPENED.

GOOSE EGG!  Finn ran into the piano and broke a blood vessel.  It was intense.  And kind of hilarious.  But only because it was just SO HUGE.  And I’d gotten him a Dr. kit for his birthday.  And every time we asked him if it still hurt he would bang on it with the reflex hammer and say, “Yes.”

P.S. Thank you, Dad, for the pictures :)

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