reminiscing a particular spring.

2010 went by in such a flash I can barely remember it.  Today I’ve been thinking about what it was like when Oliver was a baby.  We have some big things happening this spring and I’m wondering how well I’ll be able to handle them with a new little guy.  I’ve spent the morning going back and looking at pictures.  Oh how happy I am that I make a point to take lots of pictures!  I had forgotten that giant poppy garden I grew!  And all those Wednesdays at the Blue Water Taco Grill after Oliver’s castings.  And truly truly…I should never forget how Mediterranean blue our summers can be.  The middle of winter can be such a drag around here.  I told Finn we have to skip his birthday this week and have a big pool party in the summer instead.  He said, “Ok. I want a bat to hit all the candy out.”  (That means a pinata.)  Of course that Huckleberry remembers the summer better than I do!

I also got really endeared to the photos of the Campfields.  They’re moving soon.  But I think we’re going to be able to squeeze in some pool fun with them this summer, so I’m not too TOO emotional about it :)

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