of wrens and thyme and my sweet little dress.

I’m entirely delighted by the progress of my dress!

I spent quite a bit of time with tissue paper, scissors, and a pen trying to make a pattern for the grey collar.  And then folding and ironing and buttoning it all together!  Zen Buddhists have got nothing on my patience this afternoon!  I made the collar separate from the dress because I want to have options. (I still adore that lace one!)

Also pictured: A new favorite. A Raspberry peach thyme drink.  I had it at Teatro Zinzanni and was in heaven!  I made mine just a simple juice spritzer with raspberry soda and peach juice.  The thyme gives it that perfect herby bitter edge.

I love the word Thyme for an herb.  It always reminds me of Edward Eager’s book, The Time Garden.  It’s a play on words for time travel and the origin of where the children begin their adventures. The Thyme garden has a sundial in the center of it.  Isn’t that perfect?!

At the end of a pregnancy time is always on one’s mind.  It’s fun to be drinking it!

And the little bird is a wren.  (I especially enjoy how similar my dress and its feathers look!  He even has a little grey collar!)  Wrens have been on my mind because of the following:

Journal Excerpt 1/21

Last night I dreamed I had a little girl named Wren.

A couple of days ago a pretty bright green bird greeted us when we arrived at my parents house.  It fluttered right up and tried to be with us, it seemed.  My mom said it had been trying to get in all day and that she wished she had a cage so she could bring it in from the cold.

Then when I set up our pine cones the next day another little green bird (or similar?) fluttered into the rose brambles under our window.

My dad said he thought it could be a winter wren because they can sometimes have green bellies.  I’m not sure what it was, but I do love wrens so I am going to assume that’s what it was.

I spent much of today looking out the window trying to see it again.  A flicker, one bright red headed wood pecker, 20 fat robins, a flock of starlings, several juncos and chickadees, a blue jay..even a seagull,

but no green bird.

But right now at the very top of Reddit there is the most darling video of a wren landing on a bluegrass band’s lead singer and singing along with their song.  It’s AMAZING!  The best part starts at 1:30.


I love it when my happenstance and the rest of the world collide!

Speaking of which, I looked up the name Wren and in Japan the name Ren is currently number 1.  It means water lily!

That reminded me of when I thought I’d stumbled upon the name Oliver at random while Beau was reading Oliver Twist and then found out it was number 1 in the UK.  There is nothing new under the sun!

Anyway.  I don’t know what this was supposed to be about really.  I’m having a boy.  And his name is not Wren!

*lilac wren from birdquest-tours.com.  They live in Australia.  Along with blue fairy wrens!  Anyone want to go on an Australian birding tour??

*The thyme garden photo is from this garden that I found while looking for a sundial in a thyme garden.  Click through her slide show.  I love it!  So cottage and sweet!

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