Everything is melting. But a spot of tea, making and baking, and the sweetness of expectancy have me singing birdie songs!Two and one half weeks encounting until the bambi arrives. I have successfully dilated to two centimeters and my doctor tells me that Sunday is a good day to deliver because she’ll be on call. I have decided this is an excellent idea.

In order to prepare for this supposed early birth I went out and got a real bird feeder and several pounds of the correct kind of bird seed today.

(thank you lady at whight’s for telling me that thistle seeds will actually make thistles grow in my garden! Although now that I think about it…that might have been kind of fun)

I figured I would not have time buy bird seed during the spring this year and last night I woke up around 3 am concerned about it and could not fall back to sleep! I want Oliver to have some bird pets to watch while I’m busy with the new baby so I made the treck in the snow (with a sciatic nerve begging for a cane, mind you) and hulled that enormous bag of seed home.

Good lord the things you do when you’re pregnant. I am thoroughly flabbergasted by my self!

After we set the feeder up 12 robins nestled in our trees, a few chickadees, and one beautiful green bellied bird…the likes of which I had never seen…. But not ONE of those damn sweet birdies took a bite. Soon they’ll discover Oliver’s squeals are nothing to be afraid of. I hope!

(they’d better because that seed bag is taking up space in my pantry!)

After working so hard to feed the birds I made a large batch of almond bars to feed us!…and promptly ate half of them with the boys. They’re my new completely sinful favorite…I have a headache from all the sugar! But powdered sugar and almond extract are much too enticing to say no to. Almost as irresistible as Oliver’s “peeeaaaase Mama?” for more.

He did not end up eating his dinner.

And Finn told me, mid bite, that he loves me the MOST in the whole world.

And I successfully drove through the slush to treasure hunt for fabric. Like the amnesia of birth do I seek out more sewing projects! I am happy to report, however, that I am currently wearing the cutest thing I’ve ever worn. (as shown in the above collage) I’m still deciding on the 100 year old lace collar I bought on Etsy for $3! Or making a grey one with brown buttons like this:

Beau and I had “fun” cutting up paper trying to figure out how to make that collar. I’m still a little backward about it! But get this: Not one mistake making my dress this time! I only got perturbed once when every single little pin went flying out of their container and onto the kitchen floor at the graspy touch of my one year old. GRrrrr!

Beau asked me today how often I am reminded of being pregnant. My answer?

“as often as I have to pick something up.”

My friend Amber sent me this link yesterday. I laughed SO HARD! It really hit my funny bone. All so true. We even had the green nursery discussion at one point. (Another late night insanity from Oliver’s pregnancy.) And no…Beau did not repaint it. Ah me. Click and enjoy pregnant friends!

Oh and one more baby related thing! If they can make purses and scarves out of faux fawn fabric, why can’t I find some to make my baby a fuzzy spotted sleeper? For shame!


5 thoughts on “Today

  1. That post you linked to is just what I needed this morning. After waking up my tired body and using every ounce of strength to push my big ol pregnant belly off the bed I was in no mood to get on with the day. But that did it! Can’t wait to show the husband :D

  2. Teresa: I’m glad! It was too good to not pass along!

    Joey: no, no. We were just joking around. She’s a good friend and we both REALLY want her to deliver. I wish! I’ve still got a torturous 17 more days to go!

  3. I love that grey collar you found that is awesome. You look SOOO pretty in the pic you posted. I want almond bars (I thought they were lemon bars at first) they look yummy! I hope your new baby boy arrives soon ;)

  4. Diana: Thank you! Actually, I have yet to make the grey collar. I bought the lace one on Etsy. I’m working on the grey one right now and seriously feeling like spending $100 on that dress instead of making this thing would be more practical! But I’ll persevere…ha ha!

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