The boys went up to the mountains to ski,

along with my dad, Auntie Jamie, and “Uncle” Kris. Oliver was SO sad he didn’t get to go with them. But Kris gave him a snowball and I put some strawberry syrup on it for him, so he soon forgot all about leaving the house!

Oliver and I are perched by the window watching the snow come down. The twiggy trees in our backyard are quickly escalating into a frothy landscape of scissor-cut layers of white. I keep thinking I need to wait until it’s all done to take pictures because I want to show it at its peak. The line “..And it shows no signs of stoppin’…” from Let it Snow has been running through my head!

For anyone who does not live around here, snow days are a HUGE deal for our area. Last year I think we only had one. Today we’re supposed to get more snow than we’ve gotten in ten years. The excitement (and lack of sane driving) is high! I’ve been loving watching every kid in the neighborhood go by with a sled, and all the snowmen popping up in our culdesac’s yards!

Update: it finally stopped. Behold!


Update 2: oh wow. It’s coming down again and REALLY strong. Eeeee! I feel like a little girl hoping to get out of school!

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