Lucy and Kris

Are engaged!Oh the joy and excitement!  Lucy sweetly and excitedly told us about Kris’ proposal on Christmas Eve.  She wanted us to wait to say anything until she could tell the wedding party in person.  Last night they had their engagement party at my parents’ and it was one of the most blessed, beautiful, tender events I’ve ever experienced!  (with a smattering of references to Father of the Bride and Bridesmaids mixed in :)

Kris and Lucy are made for each other.  It’s as if two stars shot out of the sky and landed in the same wood.  I could not be more happy to have Kris as a brother!

They’re having a garden wedding in April.  We’re all in it.  My boys are ring bearers!  Eeeee!  Over the moon excited doesn’t even begin to describe the anticipation and bubbling of emotion I feel.  This is the type of thing a best friend and sister dreams of!

Now to plan the shower!!!!

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