Make it pink!

For my birthday my mom got me a sewing machine.  I’m pretty much beside myself with excitement about it!  It came at an excellent time because I’ve been itching to make my own creations as of late.  And even before I knew I would have a sewing machine, my friend Joey asked me if I wanted to get pastries and go posh fabric shopping yesterday.  YES PLEASE!  Initially I was going to try and do something plain and simple, but I ended up finding a boho dress pattern and falling in love with this pink, yellow, and slate floral fabric. 

Now let’s get something straight here, because my seams certainly aren’t.  I pretty much abhor sewing.  It is a vile practice that makes me literally pull out my hair and scream at my kids and swear obscenities* at tiny seam rippers.  I have absolutely no patience for it whatsoever.  I made this dress first without the middle part and without any inside and then realized I’d done the entire thing wrong.  So I wripped and cut and CRIED and started the whole thing over again two sizes too small.  I added the middle part because the boho effect of the pink fluffing out from my boobs looked so ridiculous Beau and I had a good laugh at my expense.  A tropical maternity nightgown mumu!

It was hideous.

So today I set things right.  I had just happened to buy that extra blue fabric on a whim and made the dress entirely new…with SEVERAL bumps along the way.

In the meantime, Oliver pushed buttons on the machine and Finn broke the stampy thingy that keeps your fabric down, and then Oliver took pins and scratched up the kitchen table, and then as they both were climbing all over me as I tried to figure out how to match up a curved arm hole inside out, I yelled at them both to “NEVER TOUCH MY MACHINE!” and made them watch tv and eat cheese for about 3 hours straight.

Finn asked Beau for ear muffs so he wouldn’t have to hear Mama yell.  Sigh. (lots of apologies..and marshmallows..have occurred since.)

I am more Maleficent than the beauty who pricks finger on a spinning wheel in this story.  Or flora when she makes that awful pink dress on Merriweather.

“It looks awful!”
“That’s because it’s on you dear.”Make it blue! Make it pink!  Make it blue! Make it pink!

Not to mention the fact that when Joey came to my door yesterday morning I was still in my pajamas with a bewildered look on my face that said, “OH GOD…I am so pregnant and scatter brained I completely forgot even though I’ve been looking forward to this all week!”  Luckily us moms can get ready in two seconds.  Three if you can’t find your phone.

All that to say….

You better believe I’m proud of this shipwreck turned island paradise!And in case my mom is worried she got me the wrong present let me be clear: I LOVE my new sewing machine.  I just wish I was worthy of it!  Don’t worry…I’ll keep at it.  And try to control the Maleficent and Flora tendencies!

* (my new favorite curse word is “CAKE!” because Joey’s two year old daughter Avonlea was using it out of the blue when we realized Besalu was closed.  We laughed to tears!)

6 thoughts on “Make it pink!

  1. Oh, oh, oh! What a fun post. I laughed all over again about “cake!” I LOVE how the dressed turned out. And as a sweet accent, that lovely grey blue floral is so chic and not home dec like I said. You look gorgeous!

  2. I can’t believe you wrote this! I swear. I was just sewing to nights ago and cursing my horrid skills. I made an ear warmer for a gift and when all was done…I have given up and decided never to sew again. But I LOVE your dress.

  3. I love this post. Sewing is such a love hate thing! I can’t imagine trying to do clothes. You are so brave my dear!!

  4. hip hip horray! Sewing is (terrible, awful, nasty, wretched)FUN!! You should totally bring your machine to my house for a sew-date. I sew best with others around to keep me from cursing my kids too much! lol

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