Yesterday I began the last year of my twenties.
After all the usual flustered morning meanderings, the four of us took a ferry ride and island drive in the sparkling sun. Blues and browns and golds permeating our senses.We drove the Langley loop and took a peak at a house for sale with a pastoral view.  It’s not in our price range, but on a birthday you’re allowed to dream!  I’ve been dreaming especially of moving to an island as of late.  But perhaps more day trips and escapes are in order.

A quick jaunt to Useless Bay coffee company…is there anything better than herbed goat cheese and carmelized onions on a panini?  I’m not certain.

And a visit to a tiny distillery run by the most charming couple.  She plays the fiddle and decorates the rustic tasting room with colored glass and twinkly lights, and he puts together hodge podge chemistry pipes worthy of a wonka to create delicious Whidbey Loganberry liqeur. (A mix between blackberries and raspberries) Like raspberry cordial!

And then…a party.  With coconut cake and strawberry salad and brown sugar salmon and Deena’s potatoes!  And dancing, and party hats, and A NEW SEWING MACHINE!

And enough Loganberry liquor for everyone to have a taste.

A truly lovely day.  I had this as my profile picture on Facebook yesterday.  See Snow White?  And my harajuku-ish dress?  Eeee!

8 thoughts on “29

  1. Sweet! Couldn’t help but notice how much bigger your birthday cakes have become.
    I wonder if Josh was wondering whether he’d get any cake…
    You look just as cute today as you were then.

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