I love January skies.

Last night was beautiful.
We went out for sushi.  Oliver loves edamame and Finn loves sashimi.  I’ve decided that after the baby is born I’m going to eat nothing but fruits, veggies, juice, and fish until I feel like myself again. Lately I’ve been feeling irritable, in pain, and bloated.  Luckily I know just how to remedy that!  Vegequairan!

Hey remember when I made 1,000 origami cranes? Eating Japanese food made me think of it.  It’s surreal to watch my children’s faces light up as they watch food go by on a conveyor belt, and feel the baby kicking around inside me, while at one time I prayed 1,000 prayers for one sweet baby to come.

Oh and one more thing…while I’m on the subject of Japanese things.  Have you SEEN the Harajuku Mini brand at Target?  STOP IT!  I told Beau he’s lucky I’m the only girl I’m shopping for.

…But Finn sporting his new Paul Frank undies is making up for it :)

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