Here is my four year old

doing the dishes for me.He started doing them unasked because he could tell I needed the help this morning.  I did.  Emotionally and especially physically.  I’m limping and wincing all the time now.  Together we cleaned the house.

Finn likes order.  He’s the only first born in this house, and he most definitely plays the part.

Finn saw me trying to stretch out my hip today and told me that I needed to do my “scratches” (stretches). He got out two yoga mats for us and instructed me in his very own poses.  Oliver climbed all over me and made it impossible to concentrate on breathing, but I think the scratches may have helped a little.

My crazy independent and genuinely sweet Huckleberry boy.

I have a sneaking feeling he’ll be taking care of me for a long time to come.

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