So today THIS happened:

That would be Jamie Oliver’s Toad in the Hole, made in muffin tins with the sausages cut up.  Perfectly puffy and ready to be devoured with onion gravy.  We ate the entire batch in a matter of seconds.  Beau said he wants me to make it for Christmas eve brunch next year.  Oliver kept eating and eating and eating.  The boys even loved the onion gravy!

Another toad in a hole!
I was pretty tickled to find this picture of frog and toad!

There is nothing quite so satisfying as making something that people LOVE.  Especially if it’s not all that difficult to make! (I’ve made a few duds the last few days, that were difficult to make, and it’s so depressing to do all that hard work for such little reward!)

Next stop…trying it with breakfast sausages and maple syrup, because it is essentially a savory dutch baby.  I think this may be my next Magical Marathon brunch for my sisters!

“Poop poop!!” ~Toad, Wind in the Willows

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