Eeeeee!  Today I get to spend the whole day,
WITHOUT KIDS, with my bosom friend Juliana!

In Indiana, June 2008She’s in town for a couple of days. I feel like it’s my birthday!  I am wearing a lace collar and blue shoes for this special occasion, plan to eat a GIANT brunch, and will finally view a Twilight movie IN THEATER with the most Twihard fan I know.  What could be more grand, I ask you?  WHAT?! !?  I woke up at 6 to get ready with GREAT ANTICIPATION and EXCITEMENT!!  (She won’t be here until 10:30, HA!)

I also woke up with the intense feeling that I need to dress my baby in fawn spots.  I feel like Cruella DeVille! But there’s got to be a faux fawn blanket or a furry sleeper or hat or something, right?  WRONG.  The internet says no.  But isn’t that weird?  I wake up in the middle of the night with the strangest ideas! I must have had a dream that I was Audrey Hepburn.  I think I’ll probably settle on buying him a fawn stuffed animal.  Aaaand…while I was looking for something fawnish for a baby I discovered that marc Jacobs dress.  DROoooooLLlllll.

In other baby news…I am entirely 100% certain of what I’m going to name him now.  I’ve told a few friends and family my favorites but I could never really pin point it down to the exact name until now.  Well now I know.  It just feels right.  I’ll tell the internet when he’s born.  I want to have a face to go with it!

A face.  It’s weird to think of there being a face inside me.  Feet are no surprise as they make contact with my ribs and bladder at awkward intervals, but a face?  And sweet baby hair?  Oh my.

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