Pauvre petit chou!
He no longer fits on my lap, but he tries so hard to do so.

He got his 19th cast and his heel painfully stretched yesterday and has been extra snuggly ever since.  I love his sneaky little eye in this picture.  Reminds me of another:

Delicate soft wood trees have been on my mind as of late.  Bending ever so slowly over time like Oliver’s tiny ankle. I love their twisting boughs and their knotty flesh. Woodland greens, and fawn browns, and soft mauves, please!

This forest collage was inspired entirely by that tree chair in the upper left hand corner.  I love how it looks like an illustration from a children’s book.  My Grandma’s condo has some pretty old chairs in the lounge that have 60’s ish style trees on them in greens and purples.  I shall have to take a picture sometime to put on the blog.  I have always admired them as I’ve walked through!

One thought on “

  1. Love the fawn theme! And Audrey? Swoon!

    I also liked the name you were considering when we visited last… can’t wait for the big online reveal :)

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