In “sherry” pink

My very first pair of TOMS.

I have so many thoughts about the quality of TOMS, and children’s feet, and parasites, and education, and helping feet in third world countries, largely, if not soley (no pun intended), from our experience with clubfoot. I have written and rewritten a very long post about this three times and cannot accurately describe my thoughts without sounding controversial, pretentious, somewhat jaded, and a tiny bit frivolous.

My conscious always goes down the inevitable rabbit hole of guilt and second guessing when a cause is involved…

Ok, i’ll say it. I just hope this whole TOMS thing isn’t a gimmick, and that my money shouldn’t have been given to doctors without borders or the Ponsetti foundation. A pair of flimsily made shoes may last a season,(Finn’s lasted 2 wears), but a series of casts lasts a life. And education on how to apply those casts lasts FOREVER.

But if a kid needs shoes to get that education…TOMS is a good place to start.

And they’re so cuuuute! I love the color! And the stone washed corduroy…Eeeeee! (frivolous and jaded :)

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