bright horizon.

This morning is blueberry waffles,
Finn (who awoke saying “I peed ALL OVER my bed!”) singing Santa Baby in a frothy bubble bath, Oliver draw-ring with blue crayons, a fuzzy fur blanket, and a bright orange and lavender sky.

I’ve been longing for color.  Lavender specifically, and this morning I got it!  We opened the window and soaked in the color.  It made our faces glow and the whole morning feel bright.

Now it’s back to grey, but I have the memory of it sealed away inside a spectrum locket inside of me. Today is going to be an escape and an adventure.  I’m feeling thrilled and delighted!

Here is a messy illustration I did yesterday while Finn was learning to ski with his Papa and Beeps. (MY FOUR YEAR OLD CAN SKI!  AaaaaH!)This morning we had an epic battle in the living room and I wonder what the little boy inside me is thinking of all the screams and giggles and movement (And laser sounds).

I’m REALLY hoping he has that perfect shade of orange/red hair and freckles.  One of my uncles has ginger hair and it really is so beautiful! My mom has the prettiest auburn, too. We’ll see…..

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