You came here for this, didn’t you?

What is it about giant pregnant bellies that is so fascinating? I always love it when people post them.  This is the third time and (while, good grief, my body is not what it used to be) it’s still so surprising and thrilling!  Oliver has discovered he can get a squeal out of me if he pushes on my outie belly button.  It’s like the seam that holds my whole body together.  I feel like I’m going to unravel every time it gets tweaked!

I should probably be honest and say that somehow in this particular lighting, with this particular angle, and this particular outfit…I look so thin and graceful!  The TRUTH is this: In reality I feel like if I retain any more water I will most surely become a sea monkey left in the tub for too long.  Eek!  AND When I tried to do a cute pose and point my toes I got a TREMENDOUS cramp in my leg that I had to stretch out for a few minutes before it went away.  I’m not as limber as a ballerina, I’m now walking with a limp!

Also, my butt is enormous.  I was doing my measurements so I could buy a dress online and my BUTT is more inches than my 8 month BELLY!  How’s that for honesty?

9 thoughts on “You came here for this, didn’t you?

  1. LOL, Thanks for the honesty! I get preggo butt pretty bad too so I feel ya on that one. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Happy new year to you, too! But I’m sorry, the term “preggo butt” is an absolute abomination. I hate the word preggo already, but coupled with butt…?? eep.

  3. I hear ya! I can look at the word (sort of) but have a hard time hearing it out loud, should have used quotes here… maybe from lurking on pregnancy boards…? So all that to say I apologize if I offended you and you really do look wonderful, I hope you will delete this if it is hurting your eyes and feelings! ;)

  4. In all honesty, your belly to behind ratio is what make you absolutely adorable. That skirt is super cute too.

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