my book.

Beau started a little work on my book this week.  It’s getting me so excited for it!  I can’t wait to see what I’ve been dreaming of come to life! I’ve been enjoying looking at different “pop up” ipad books for a reference.  One of my favorites is Peter RabbitIt has the kind of simplicity I’m looking for.  I want the integrity of the words of my book and the illustrations themselves to be the real magic, but then a little added bonus to each page to allow a child to have some interactive fun.

For example, in my story a frog chokes on something and turns blue.  When the child touches the frog…it will turn from green to blue!  (And probably have a big croaky burp if we decide to have sound)  So simple, but it’s something I know my boys would love.  It’s fun to test some of these things out on them.  They’re the perfect ages for it!

But of course Beau says to actually create these things it’s not so simple.  Only the idea and the action is!  He is an absolute saint to help me with it.  I don’t even know how much it would cost to have someone make it for me.  A lot.

Because of my book, I’ve got magic and books and darling things on the brain.   Like, just how did they draw the magical sparkles that follow the fairy godmother’s wand in Cinderella?  What is the texture of a leather book?  What would gold paint look like on a screen?

But you know what Beau has on the brain?  Animatronics.  The other day I thought he was working on my book until I heard little gears winding.  I went into his office and his desk was laid out with a bunch of wires and what looked like a the innards of a computer and his screen was covered in switching numbers.  He said, “look at this!” and twisted a little gear and a little windmill type thing moved from a tiny motor.

I don’t know why but robotic parts creep me the ooh la la out. (pardon my french).

Oh wait…yes I do.  Blade Runner.  I’d put a picture of the part with the room with all the robots at the end, but it’s just too creepy for my blog.  Gepetto meats the Terminator.

But it fascinates Beau (animatronics, not creepy robots) so that may put my book on the back burner for a while….but that’s okay.  It’s going to be worth the wait in the end!  And I love that Beau’s found a hobby he loves.  Maybe he’ll make a robot for something useful…he said he could make something that detects if all the doors are locked or not.  That’d be pretty cool!

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