un petit coussin

Embroidered flowers & Paris streets

I went to a Christmas party with a bunch of bright and merry girls last week.  We did a gift exchange in which we were to either find something lovely and desirable or make something.  I chose to make something.  I had this fun Paris map fabric, some old buttons, and a bunch of embroidery string in my craft drawers.  I’ve come to find that as I acquire the things I love, I end up with many of the same colors and patterns that go really well together.  This pillow was begging to be made!  I was hoping someone who loved feminine and french things would pick it or steal it.  A very sweet, hip girl stole it!  She told me she likes to imagine herself on the streets of Paris with a baguette in her bag.  parfait!

While I was embroidering the flowers, Finn snuggled up next to me and said, “Oh!  You’re making pictures with string!”

“You could make a fox, or a mushroom, or a tree!

I guess he knows me really well!

2 thoughts on “un petit coussin

  1. I love that it is snowing on your blog. At first I only saw it on your dad’s Seattle Center photo and I thought I imagined it and then I started seeing it all over. Now I can see it snowing all over this comment! Very fun :)

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