Happy Christmas!!

We went to Aaron and Stephanie’s for Christmas Eve Eve.  More dancing, drop dead gorgeous food, and revelry for the Spiros! My favorite part was the kids putting on a nativity play.  Finn didn’t actually have a part, but managed to be in every scene.  :/

One of our neighbors is very fascinating.  Lots of cats and garbage and loud music.  But I absolutely adore the view out our window into their yard this morning. Isn’t that exactly what it would be like if there was no room in the inn?


I have more pictures but we’re off to my parents for kringle and cheese pudding!  I hope you’re having as glowy a weekend as we are!

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  1. It’s 2:49am. I’ve been up for at least an hour with a fussy Thor, who kept insisting he was hungry, so here we are in the kitchen while he snacks and sings little songs to himself, and I peruse your blog. Thanks for sharing these dear snapshots of your life with us. It’s lovely.

  2. I’m glad I could give you something to do! I’m sorry you had to be up so late. I’ve been thinking of you and your dad and how awful to add tired to worry and stress! :(

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