Christmas Eve Eve Joooooy!!!

“They’re SO BEAUTIFUL, Mama!!” ~F
“Wow, wow, wow!!!” ~O

Oliver loves to hide behind the tree.  And poop.

I am very happy to announce that after much sorrow and gnashing of teeth, the rotten egg and sour milk smell of egg nog has finally dissipated from the carpet. Oh how my nostrils have suffered! It has been so vexing on my poor nerves! I attacked that stain with all the force and passion of one who can do nothing for her son’s foot…and the success I feel has rendered me to a state of equilibrium and invincibility that only the sirens can relate to! A very merry Christmas Eve Eve to meeeee!!!!

In joyous celebration, here is a picture of a house we pass almost every other night. It doesn’t do it justice…If I were standing in front of it, I would reach maybe half the height of that Christian fish thing. There’s a blue light river with a bubble machine and everything! Lynnwood goes all out, man. 20111223-101622.jpg

And here is a vintage coat for a 5 year old little girl that I would be wearing this weekend if it were my size:20111223-101743.jpg

And the text image Sharon sent me the other night:20111223-102041.jpg

The Pacific Northwest ballet is putting on Snow White! Sharon and I are going to go together for my birthday present to her!

P.S. I’d like to personally thank QFC for the frosty the snowman wrapping paper. That was one of my favorites growing up! And now one of Finn’s. Aaand all the perfectly perfect toys for my boys. It was as if the buyer for QFC was saying, “Bridget, I know you’re exhausted and don’t have anything left in you to go to crowded stores…here, i’ll pick out exactly what you need and you can just grab it here.” I especially wanted to get Oliver a stuffed shark because he lost his and guess what? Yep, they had one.

And for the apple fritter (wink wink)

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