all aglow…

This week my dad took Finn on an adventure
to the Seattle Center.  He sent me this photo
from his phone while they were there.  Pure magic!

I wish I could get out to enjoy more of the city lights and sights but this has been a very “home for the holidays” season for me.  I did most of my Christmas shopping online, had all of my groceries delivered to me this week, and have asked my mom to make me dinner a couple times.

On wednesday we went to Children’s to have Oliver recasted.  The surgeon said the antibiotics are working and that his foot looks more irritated than infected now.  But of course, to me, it looked the the most queas inducing frightening thing I’ve ever seen.  They took the cast off and I just burst into tears.  I had to leave the room.  And then I helped hold him down as they dug one of the wires up out of the top of his foot and readjusted it…WITH NO PAIN MEDS!  I had to make sure I was bending my knees or I know I would have fainted.  Oliver was in so much pain he almost threw up, and then the surgeon said, “Don’t throw up! I can do blood..I can’t do throw up.”  That made us laugh.

And then after all of that…guess what?  Oliver’s canine teeth came in last night.  I can only imagine what he must be feeling! He hadn’t eaten in a few days and then finally…at midnight…he woke up with canines poking through and a hunger like the little wolf he is.  I was so happy he was eating I didn’t care it was another night of no sleep.  He’s feeling better, so I’m feeling better.

Things are looking up.  Except for that I REALLY want to go to Leavenworth on Christmas Eve and Beau laughed and said BAH HUMBUG!!  (He really just said he’s too tired.  Which is true.  I am too!)

So I may just have that tiny picture on my phone to look at on Christmas Eve instead.  And maybe that’s ok.

2 thoughts on “all aglow…

  1. So sorry about little Oliver’s foot. That is so scary! I am so glad you all caught it in time. Poor little guy! I am lifting him up in prayer right now. Hang in there, Mama. You are doing a great job!

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