paints and pretties.

Eeeee!  Excitement!!

A brown paper package came today and Beau quickly scurried out of his office, grabbed it, and sneakily retreated back into his shell.  But I know what’s inside!  Originally I told Beau I wanted paints for Christmas, but he said that was way too broad a thing to ask for because he didn’t know what kind and which colors.  So instead of paints, I asked for this vintage jewelry box  to store my paints inside (and hopefully a few smaller brushes and small enough painting related bobbles).

My paints have been sharing a drawer with my teas in the kitchen for the last 5 years….ha!  As I acquire more colors and brushes and paper and store supplies I’m desperately in need of a studio…but until that happens I’m hoping this box will be just the right size for my purposes.  Something that doesn’t take up too much space in our tiny hollow, but is just big enough to serve a happy purpose!

Isn’t the color marvelous?  An Etsyan painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in “provence” and “versailles.”  It looks like they added white to the provence, though, to make “cricket.”  And the inside of the drawers are lined with beautiful golden satin.  Sigh.  Cricket? Golden thread?  It’s like something from a fairy tale!

2 thoughts on “paints and pretties.

  1. I saw something EXACTLY like this at the vintage mall yesterday! Same color/tone and everything! I think the only difference was the hardware. No wonder I thought of you when I saw it :) I was ready to buy it right then!

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