curls and pins.

This summer I figured out how to have a short hairstyle without cutting my hair.  If I’m having an exceptionally curly morning I can hairspray the curls, wait for them to dry, then bobby pin them up around the back of my head.  How many bobby pins does it take for my thin hair?  About 3.  And 3 more for reinforcement.  (I can pin my entire head of hair with a single bobby pin!)  I like this way better than actually cutting my hair because it makes my hair look thicker.

I have always been so envious of people with thick hair.  My sisters have gorgeous hair…and it was beautiful bleach blonde like Finn’s when we were kids.  I was the dark, short haired deviant.  But I’m finally learning a few tricks!  I’m even considering extensions…(WHAAaaa?!)  Don’t tell Beau because he would NOT like it.  But how else am I going to get Bella Swan’s hair?  Her REAL hair looks an awful lot like mine, if you ask me!

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