Snow White.

Finn took this belly pic for me :)  8 more weeks until another little man wraps me up in his wiles!  I never expected to be so smitten with boys.  It’s been the biggest and greatest surprise of my life.

Look at that magic mirror back there.

I’ve been on such a Snow White kick.  I’m surrounded by little men!  All with sparkles in their eyes and mischievous grins.  I’m constantly trying to get Finn to wash his hands and stop making messes.  Oliver’s like a little injured woodland animal that I’m caring for. And I have dark hair and light skin!  I don’t have an evil stepmother after my heart, thank goodness, but I do have quite a bit of heart burn.  Good thing I’ve got Beau to kiss me…but the analogy stops there.  He’s much to much of a tease to be called Prince Charming.  Or actually….maybe that IS a good description!  I don’t know how he does it, but he’s certainly charmed me…and everyone else…that eBEAUnezer.

Last night we had an early Christmas with the Collins family.  It was perfect…delicious food, warm company, laughing my face off, a GIANT fort…and it was the first Christmas with the boys’ new cousin Paxten!  Watching the boys play together on the floor made me realize just a little more realistically what three is going to look like.  Life is about to get (what’s the right word?) thrilling.

P.S.  Look what the Portlandians got for my boys…

A wolf t for O and an owl t for Finn!  I love our family :)

4 thoughts on “Snow White.

  1. Okay, I just have to ask with all the Snow White stuff, have you ever watched Once Upon A Time? It’s a fun show involving lots of fairy tales. Just reminded me of this. :-)

  2. Oh, haha! Sorry I missed that post. I visit often, but some slip by my notice. It’s a really interesting show. My husband and I have been watching it, but we’re not quite caught up. Can’t wait to see the shocker!

  3. no worries! I don’t expect or think everybody reads all my posts. That would be quite a bit of reading! I just thought I’d link to it instead of re say what I said :)

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