of sprinkles, paints, fairy tales, and blue.

 ♥ I started drinking coffee every morning.  Ack! I used to be so caffeine free!!  Beau did this to me.  He found my favoritest coffee ever.  Coffee bean and tea leaf.  I love how it doesn’t taste burnt.  I’m a tea drinker by nature but there’s only so much a cup of tea can do to wake me up these days.  And my favoritest way to drink it?  (yes I do know favoritest isn’t a word) WHIPPED CREAM.  Which I just learned via wikipedia is called  Café mélange.   I just saw it on this list. I want to try them all!  Oh man….I can already feel the headaches from when I try to stop.

♥ I jokingly asked Finn this morning if he would like to try a different mom for a while.  He said, “I’m going to throw up.”

♥ According to Finn the sprinkles on a doughnut are made by little men….and the doughnuts themselves are made by Jesus.  Beau went and got us doughnuts (and that delicious coffee) the other day.  We all know exactly what each person in our family will like.  Maple bar for Beau, sprinkles on chocolate for the boys (pink for Finn if it’s there), and a fritter for me. ♥ I’ve been wanting some royal blue flats like Zooey Deschanel’s in New Girl.  The story goes like this:  I saw a picture of her wearing them a couple months ago and thought, “I love those!  I want them!” but forgot about it.  WELL apparently EVERYONE ELSE in the whole world decided the same thing because the other day when I went looking for them online they were SOLD OUT.  Everywhere.  It was like a joke.  The internet was taunting me.$10 ones from Target, $60 ones from Jcrew, The $200 ones from Anthro were still available but come on…I want blue shoes not a guilty conscience!  Well I finally found some at American Eagle. But they had bad reviews.  FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!  Why is it that when you can’t have something, you really REALLY want it?  I may just be dying some shoes blue.  I’m that kind of girl.

♥ I LOVE the new show Once Upon a Time.  It took a couple episodes to get into it but I read that online so I stuck it out.  Now I’m swooning all day about whether or not Snow White and Prince Charming are going to end up together.  I love their version of the story and the modern day take on the characters.  (Here’s snow white…a robin hood esque outlaw)The whole mother/son thing resonates with me.  And the whole using myth and story to make sense of our realities thing.  It makes me wonder who I am in fairy tale.  What would be my adventure and how does it affect my psyche?  Till We Have Faces and all that Jazz.

(Snow white in our world, looking after Charming in a coma… much like Snow White sleeping in the fairy tale…but they don’t know who they are!)

Also..I get told I look like Ginnifer Goodwin quite a bit.  And when I was a little girl I got told I looked like Snow White!  :)

♥ My garlic turned blue last night.  Apparently when you cook garlic with lemon sometimes it turns blue or green.  Mine was like DAY GLOW AQUA.  It weirded me out so much I strained my oil and didn’t have the garlic in the pasta.  But I guess it’s still safe to eat.  WEIRD!

♥ Speaking of color…I’ve been totally intrigued by watercolor paints and their origins.  Like Sleeping Beauty blue made from turquoise found in Sleeping Beauty mountain in Arizona.  I had to buy a few new paints this week and I got sucked into the world of watercolor!  The colors I run out of the fastest?  GREEN and PINK  (and the colors that create them, or colors I create with them).  Right now I’m LOVING sap green and quinacridone rose.

8 thoughts on “of sprinkles, paints, fairy tales, and blue.

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you for directing me here… I love this post! Every time you talk about stuff, I’m going, “Those were MY favorite watercolor paint colors when I used to paint!” “I love the New Girl and her shoes, too!” etc., etc. I feel like a groupie! Anyway, yes, Once Upon A Time is so fun, and Charming is so freakin’ handsome, eh?!

  2. Yes! I think the sheriff is quite the looker, too.

    I love that you love the same watercolor paints! Of all the many paints to choose from…those really are the best, aren’t they??

  3. Oh yeah, the sheriff is hot, too. ;-) I forgot about him!

    Hmm…all this talk of color is making me want to watercolor again really bad! It’s been so many years..

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