New specs.

Tortoise shell
suits me well.


Aesop wrote of his perseverance and ability to beat all odds in a race against the hare. The Greeks found him an emblem of love and fertility. The Yoruba call him a trickster and told stories of his wily adventures and great mischief. Tibetans call him the embodiment of creativity. Feng shui says he brings good fortune. In china he is one of the four fabulous beasts: the black tortoise of the North. Native Americans believe his shell to be one of the roots of the cosmic tree. In alchemy he represents chaos.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the shell. People are never quite sure what mood or possibilities might emerge from within…” *

Not a bad thing to be framing my visage!

They remind me of the dorky first pair I had in elementary school. The often shoved in pockets when cute boys glanced my way, pair!

*all this info came from

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