Happy December!

Don’t forget to open that first dooron your nativity calendar!

I got my house lights working again, am listening to Pandora’s Christmas station, imagining that it’s snowing outside, and laughing about what Beau said to the Children’s hospital worker who told us they don’t have Christmas trees there anymore because someone got offended by them.  Now they have a big nutcracker in the entrance instead.

Beau said, “As a man, that offends me.”  The worker didn’t even laugh.  I think he’s really bummed about the Christmas trees!

Well this year I’ve got two!  I was thinking today about how fortunate it was that we trimmed the tree before Oliver’s surgery.  He was able to help…or at least take them off! He adored it.  He ran around the tree and yelled, “wow wow wow!” the whole time.  Today he’s been sad because he can’t stand to reach them.  I’m glad he at least got that special time before he became so immobilized.  And I get to spend the rest of the season not worrying that he’s going to destroy all the ornaments :)  God bless us, every one!


3 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. Love that you love Christmas so much! I do too! Last night we ate potato soup and peppermint marshmallows (did you know they make those? they are so yummy and perfect for little fingers) love your table spread too. what pandora station are you listening to? i’ve been listening to ‘polar express’ station and it is really good.

    happy december!

  2. Thank you Kathryn! You have a lovely season, too!

    Mel: I’ve had the mini multi colored ones..are those mint? They taste different. I love giving my kids marshmallows in lieu of candy. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it seems like there’s more air than sugar in them!

    We just set Pandora to “christmas.” It’s great!!

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