Going home.

On the menu at our luxurious digs: French toast, yo gabba gabba, and OxyContin.

Oliver was restless last night until about 11:00 when he finally fell asleep. And then we all slept pretty restlessly until around 6. He’s not allowed to walk so he was so frustrated being stuck in our arms! We really got a workout until we were given a red wagon to put him in. He charmed nurses all over the hospital in that thing. He was mostly deliriously loopy with the occasional fit of pain. He was more just frustrated to be at the hospital I think. (yes he DID pull out his I.V.) When they pinched off the numbing meds going to his leg this morning and just gave him oral meds he started to perk right up. He did not like having his leg numb. I think that’s why he went 12 hours straight awake but SO needing sleep! Beau and I are exhausted, but So happy to be going home. We’re in the car right now and Oliver is sound asleep behind me. He can finally rest in the comforts of what is known.

And now I can get my mind back on the Christmas party I’m hosting with a couple friends at my house on Friday. Never a dull moment!!

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