A few things

of no particular connection or order because order is not something my brain will do at the moment. But I feel like a nice long blog post with pictures…don’t you? Let’s get to it, then, shall we? (The kitchen pictures are to show you the new white wainscoting, but if you’re like me Beau you probably don’t remember what it looked like before anyway!) (and the leafy picture is of the pot of herbs I’ve been snipping from my window sill. Such a treat on these drizzly days to have something fresh from the “garden!”)

1. I’m the type of person who loves the beauty of a well chosen and befitting postage stamp. What did Shutterfly decide to use to stamp my envelopes? Christmassy pinecones, or angels, or madonna and child, or even a menorah? Nope. Made me giggle and start singing Mele Kalikimaka!

2. I got the most beautifully written email from a dear friend who is spending some time in the desert. She painted such a colorful, sparkling, description of the world she’s enveloped in. Such beauty, my heart felt like it might burst while I read it. I needed that escape:

“I have thought of you constantly because I know your passion and fascination for the dry heat; red to brown rocks and sand; bluish, purple-y and green exotic succulents and cacti; cool pools of aqua to escape the heat…
I drove up to Joshua Tree Nat’l Park and it was like another planet, rocky terrain with plants and trees sprouting out of the ground that look more like sea creatures than anything. I wanted to get out of my car and walk into the hills and smell the desert air and feel the wind on my face, but I was too nervous and maybe too lonely. I needed a companion!
Last night, I took another drive into the hills and marveled at the beauty. At sunset the hills turned a pinky red and the stars come out so clear. Have you seen the evening star flirting with the sliver moon? I think it reminds me of a mother and child…

sending you sunshine and bougainvillea,….”

I read this directly after I had gotten out my star and moon cookie cutters. No mistake, I’m sure!

3. Don’t you just love pinecones? They’re like little blossoms made of wood!

This wreath is so pretty! This would be so lovely for a woodland wedding or a fancy Christmas party. And it doesn’t look like it would be too tooo difficult to make yourself.

via this shop on Etsy

4. I LOVED this Holiday Jog post by my friend Sharon. It’s a description of the tree lighting in Edmonds. The other night I made Beau drive us down to see the tree and the main street lights. When I pulled Oliver out of the car to see the tree he exclaimed, “WOW!” It’s one of his new favorite words. We look for Christmas lights on drives through town and Finn says, “ooooooh!” and Oliver yells, “WOW! WOW! WOW!” It makes me so happy!

So happy that I went ALL OUT and covered most of our bushes with lights. SADLY, however, they have already short circuited out and I have no idea how to revive them… BLAST!! But they were beautiful while they lasted!

5. Oliver…there’s so much I could say and keep saying about our time in the hospital. I don’t want to bore you with the details…but it was such a huge experience every one of my senses is flooded with it. It feels SO INCREDIBLY GOOD to be home. Like being at the spa. Oliver is so much more himself. I’d think he was recovered except for the 40 or so minutes every 4 hours as his pain meds wear off and he starts to squirm and cry. The boys are back to wrestling and giggling together. Oliver woke up asking for Finn. He pointed out the window and yelled, “Dinn! Dinn! Dinn!”

By the end of our time there he was so ready to get the heck out of there we finally let him down onto the cold sterile hospital floor. Of particular note: an attempt at a somersault in a full leg cast and hospital gown. The results were comedic. He laid there sprawled and said, “TADAAA!”

When that got boring he squirmed and slithered his way over to the door and cried and cried while Beau tried to keep his catheter from coming out (which he did eventually pull all the way out!). Then he realized that the room curtain was fun for peek a boo and was placated for about two seconds.

May I just say that BEAU IS AMAZING. Selfless and brave and steadfast and true. Salt of the earth and all that jazz. But what’s new, right?

6. Maryann joy wins my vote for best Christmas card EVER. Good enough for me to frame and hang on my tree? YES. I’ll let her post it if she wants. I don’t want to ruin it.

But It has special meaning for me right now too…

Okay..I’ll just say she dressed up like Bob Cratchet and her cat Oz like Tiny Tim. Even with crutches. She is so stellar it brings a tear to my eye. I have a little gimp legged boy this year and something about the cuteness and ridiculousness of Maryann’s picture just made me euphoric. With the phrase…GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE! It’s going to be a good Christmas, I can tell.

7. OH AND ONE more thing. When we got home Finn asked, “Where’s the new baby?” He thought we went to the hospital to deliver! When I explained to him (for the hundredth time) that we went to fix Oliver’s foot he got a look of recognition and understanding on his face and said, “Oh! They put it back in your belly?”

And I was so exhausted from everything that I said…. “yes.”

3 thoughts on “A few things

  1. b-
    such a lovely post! it may be pregnancy hormones, but i found myself really choking up at the part about oliver’s time in the hospital and what a strong person beau was. you are amazing!! when i was four i had really intense surgery to remove a birthmark from my head and had two crazy surgeries and one that resulted in my head being wrapped like a mummy for about 2 weeks (one of those weeks being Christmas) and it was painful and scary, but i don’t really remember that much at all. i just remember the hospital gown and watching movies and eating popsicles. oliver is so, so lucky to have parents like you two! you guys are doing an amazing job. praying for him and for his spirits to remain up!

    p.s. i love your pictures of your house and of your christmas lights. i’m envious of your weather. today it’s supposed to snow, but i just heard thunder and saw lightning. snow storm with a thunderstorm? alright! your christmas card is perfect! such a great collection of pictures :)

  2. Awwww! little Mel in a head wrap! It’s amazing to me that you remember anything at all. I often wonder if my kids will remember these days. And hopefully only the really good things!

    I envy YOUR weather! Mostly sunny with a bit of snow? Now that’s the life!

  3. You must figure out how to fix those Christmas lights–they’re gorgeous!

    And Finn thinking they put the baby back in? Priceless.

    I’m also soooo glad you like the card!!! I’m already scheming about how to top it next year…

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