Beau and I are sitting waiting for Oliver’s surgery to be done. We got here at 6:15am and it is now 9:17. My nervousness and tiredness is making me loopy. Beau just said, “the sign above the desk from this angle looks like SUGARY.” I’ve been giggling about it for about five minutes. I feel like I’m taking a final or am in line for a roller coaster…when this is over it’s going to feel sooo GOOD! Last night I brought Oliver to bed with me and he patted my back and tenderly caressed my hand with his finger tips. He can tell something is wrong, but he doesn’t know what. The doctor who took him away was perfect. He smiled and said, “Oliver, that’s my son’s name!” then he pulled out an app on his phone for a one year old and carried him away. I can’t wait to pat him on the back and caress his hand when he gets out. The hard part for me will be over. It’s my turn to comfort him.


One thought on “Sugary.

  1. That’s a wonderful doctor. I read ahead and saw that everything went well. Caress away, my friend. You deserve it.

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