Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I am one lucky girl.I get to be a Spiro and a Collins.  There’s just too much happiness involved in that equation to fathom.  Holidays for me are like normal days hanging out with friends but with LOTS MORE FOOD and LOTS MORE FRIENDS.  We switch back and forth each year for which side of the family we spend Thanksgiving with.  This year we were on for going to my parents along with 50 (yes 50) other people.  There were 3 large tables, 4 turkeys, and one awesome dance party.  What is a Spiro event without a dance party, after all?  AND we also spent a couple days down south with Beau’s family because Jon and Tristen are in town for the week.  Paxten is TOO CUTE!  I’m over the moon excited that my boys will have a cousin to play with during the holidays from now on!  Oliver was nakie because he got into some toilet cleaner in the bathroom.  Goodbye cute wool wolf overalls!

The adult table The young adult table

The kids table.  Don’t they look HAPPY!!!!?  Isn’t Finn just the epitome of holiday JOY!?

My date.

Dance party!

Pax and Ollie!Oliver and Paxten are about a year apart and Paxten and my next boy will be about a year apart, too.  I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true: dreams do come true.

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