We were all set to get a white one until I saw the most beautifully bright green Frasier fir in the lot.  It still had some new growth on it, and though it was a little bit frazzled and would need lots of trimming, I just knew it was the one.  Finn cried and cried when he realized we weren’t getting a white one!  I think we’ll have to alternate every other year :)

So…over 1,000 fairy lights later (and a few subtle blinking firefly ones too!!), several owl ornaments (ever wondered how many owl ornaments are too many?  Me neither.), my favorite christmas music mix, a few broken bits and pieces of glass, and oodles of SAP….we have the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.  It’s like something from an enchanted forest: flawed yet sparkling.  Oliver kept saying, “WOW!” (Between “Hooo Hooo’s” because of all the owls).

Neither of the boys can get to sleep tonight!

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