of christmas trees.

A tiny tree For Finn and Oliver!!

Finn’s been begging me to put one up but I didn’t want a dry brittle tree for Christmas day.  So I surprised him with a tiny fake one for the family room.  It makes me so happy!  And Finn so happy! And it’s pretty much boy proof. Which…as you can see from the above picture…is a necessity in this house.

Aaaand I’m trying to convince eBEAUnezer Scrooge to allow me to have another flocked one this year.  I thought getting a cute green one might help my cause :)  (Last year I snuck one home and decorated it before he could say anything!) So we’ll see.  Now that he’s home all the time he’s suddenly picky about things he never noticed before.  He realized for the first time how much Christmas cards cost.  Even with 30% off he was reluctant to let me send them.


But here’s something cute about him: he wants robot parts for Christmas.  ROBOT PARTS. That is so magnificently him.  I LOVE him!

Which leads me to this thought…it’s just so funny that he even cares about the color of the tree.  Today he couldn’t remember if the kitchen walls were white or green (the wainscoting is grey/green).  We’ve been sitting at that table for 5 years and he never noticed the color of the walls.  These types of things do not compute to him. IF HE DOESN’T KNOW IF THE WALLS ARE WHITE OR GREEN, HOW WILL HE KNOW IF THE TREE IS WHITE OR GREEN?!

The only way I’ll have a green tree is if we go to a tree farm while it’s snowing and cut one down ourselves.  With candy canes and hot chocolate and sleigh bells involved.  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

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