stars and stags and toadstools and trees

When we found out we were going to have to cram three boys into one room we knew: things were going to have to change. Nesting was not only programmed into my hormones, it was a necessity.  So we’ve been working on a room with enough shelves for all their books and toys, bunk beds (the trundle is on its way!), sleeping bags so their sheets and comforters don’t go colliding in all directions…..And…..I still wanted it to look cute.

I’ve been wanting star sheets for AGES.  I bought fabric to make some, but I ended up buying some at Land of Nod.  (I knew I would, I’m so not a seamstress…at least I made the curtains.  There’s at least SOMETHING homemade in here!)

And aren’t those sleeping bags killer?  My mom told me I should buy one more for when the next one comes so they all completely match.  I think I may because, while it feels like dollar signs now, it’s going to be super efficient in the end.  Wish I’d thought of that when I still had Beau’s K2 discount!We went to Freddy’s last night looking for a step stool and a little carpet because Oliver couldn’t get into the bed and I was worried about his future casts slipping as he got out.  I’ve seen toad stools for HUNDREDS of dollars online.  And then Beau spotted one last night for only $25.  And there was only one left!  It matches the curtains and Finn’s piggy bank perfectly!  Yippeee!

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